Who I am:

I am Dr. Tiffany Jackson, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and creator of Natural Medicine Now University. I am the owner of EcoHealth Wellness Center and Detox spa in Charleston, SC. See my full bio.

What I do:

I specialize in helping patients with chronic gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, chronic constipation, Crohn’s, UC) immune dysfunction (autoimmune disorders, cancer, chronic illness) and detoxification. I have been consulting with patients for over TEN years and have found that most of my patients are confused and overwhelmed with the sheer amount health and diet information available these days. I was inspired to create 35 webinars to streamline the junk information most people are receiving and provide a convenient and affordable way for my patients to learn the RIGHT information to heal their body.

Why I created Natural Medicine Now University:

Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer, and I've since made it my passion and my life's work to educate others about how to make healthy choices to prevent disease in their own lives.

Ask any of my patients or my office manager at EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa, I love to talk! I always wish I had more time to sit with each of my patients to answer their questions and teach them everything I know.

I combined all of the most common topics my patients are confused about, together with the information I think is most vital to your health; then called on some of my favorite colleagues and medical experts; and together we’ve produced 35 professional and amazing webinar videos. It took TWO YEARS to finally create! I have covered everything I want you to know about how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Honestly, if I could sit and talk with you for 15 hours, Natural Medicine Now contains everything I would want you to know to balance your body with natural approaches.

What I want:

I want more than anything for my patients to be educated about their health and live disease-free lives in this modern, fast paced world.

It's my life's work to educate others about how to make healthy choices to prevent disease, and these videos cover it all. I'd love for you to sign up to watch!

There are TEN webinars available for you to learn valuable information that could perhaps save your life. This is a FREE natural health education—all my passion and knowledge available for anyone who's interested in learning!

I invite you to learn more with me, as you will find more useful information you need to get informed on the cutting edge of natural medicine in my Premium Webinars

Want to work with me?

Sign up for my VIP Optimal Health Program. I will work individually with you to address your health concerns and design a personalized wellness plan for your needs and provide you with the motivation, support, and education you need to claim your optimal health.

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