What is Natural Medicine Now University?

Natural Medicine Now University is series of 35 online videos, each about 20-30 minutes in length, taught by Naturopathic Doctor, Tiffany Jackson and leading experts. They are easy to follow and are full of graphics and charts, providing a clear roadmap of guidelines and action plans for you to succeed. You will learn natural health topics such as Understanding the Importance of Gut Health, Hormones, Detoxification, Heart Health, Anxiety, Easy Breezy Cooking Tips, How to be Healthy at your Desk and a unique series of Yoga and Stress Management Webinars.


How to watch?

There are different ways you can access the webinars. You can conveniently watch TEN of my webinars available to the public for FREE by clicking on free webinars at top of page. To purchase my TOP 15 premium webinars I use exclusively with all of my patients, you can purchase one webinar at time or my Premium 15 webinar package. Watch my webinars whenever you have time - all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and internet access.


Who should watch?

Natural Medicine Now University is for anyone who wants to learn the CORRECT way to improve his or her energy, focus, digestive health, manage your weight and reduce stress. NMNU now being viewed by corporate wellness employees, stay at home moms, grand parents, heath coaches and even medical professionals wanting to use these webinars to educate their own patients on how to prevent disease.


What 15 webinars are included in the FREE webinar series?
  1. Healthy Mind and the Power of Positivity
  2. Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. 15 Superfoods for Optimal Health
  4. Top 15 Brain Boosting Foods
  5. Boost Your Immune System Naturally
  6. Natural Approaches for Anxiety
  7. Heart Health (Dr. Chris Nagy)
  8. Understanding Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  9. EcoHealth Approach to Preventing Disease
  10. Men’s Health (Kurt Woeller)
  11. Women’s Health (Dr. Kurt Woeller)
  12. Yoga at Your Desk (Ashley Bell)
  13. Yoga for Neck and Back Pain (Ashley Bell)
  14. Connect with Your Breath with (Ashley Bell)
  15. Toxic Products that Mess with Your Hormone


What 20 webinars are included in the PREMIUM webinar series?
  1. A Health Promoting Diet
  2. Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies
  3. Benefits of a Paleo Diet
  4. Guide to Natural Sweeteners, The Good & The Bad
  5. Healthy at Your Desk
  6. Eating Healthy While Traveling
  7. How to Make a Healthy Green Smoothie
  8. Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Smoothie Demo
  9. Easy Breezy Healthy Recipes
  10. Understanding the Importance of Gut Health
  11. Healthy Weight Loss/Balancing Blood Sugar
  12. Adrenal Health
  13. Thyroid Health
  14. Emotional Freedom Technique
  15. Ten Minute Meditation for Stress
  16. Daily Detox Diet Guidelines
  17. Understanding Toxins & Detoxification
  18. Daily Detox Supplement Program
  19. Clean 14 Detox Diet
  20. Detox Your Home


Why watch?

With Natural Medicine Now University at your fingertips you will have the PRECISE tools to feel healthier, less stressed, more energized, and be able to advance to the next level of health, happiness and success. Take action and prevent disease… start watching now!


How do I receive a discount on supplements you recommend in the webinars?

Once you purchase any webinar or package you will receive an email with full access membership to our private online store powered by FullScript to receive 15% off natural health supplements and products.


Who are the leading experts and what webinars do they teach?
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Dr. Chris Nagy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. New research is discovering that systemic inflammation and bad fats play a fundamental role in the onset of heart disease. In this webinar, Dr. Chris Nagy teaches you the underlying causes of heart disease and what steps you can take to have a healthy heart.

Watch the Heart Health webinar with Dr. Chris Nagy

Christopher K. Nagy, M.D., is a man on a mission. Dr. Nagy has a great deal of medical experience as an Orthopaedic Surgeon over the past 15 years. But, as someone who is passionate about real wellness (rather than merely treating symptoms), he knows that the current practice of medicine does not have all the answers. Dr. Nagy’s goal is to help educate and introduce an important treatment option in medicine, bioidentical hormone optimization. Your Personal Wellness Center was established to offer proactive and interested individuals bioidentical hormone optimization. The purpose of Your Personal Wellness Center includes helping to increase awareness of the options available to help improve one’s quality of life and make possible a healthier, more vibrant life.

Tirelessly studying and reviewing the latest literature and keeping abreast of the newest and most exciting developments allows Dr. Nagy to bring you the most current and efficacious treatments to guide you in the aging process. Patients can rest assured that they have an extremely strong advocate and partner who will guide them where they desire to go on their journey to ultimate wellness.

Dr. Nagy received his medical degree (M.D.) at Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, in 1990. He is practicing as a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Salisbury, North Carolina. With his passion to help people beyond the scope of Orthopedics, he has furthered his training as a fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His certification in mastering the Protocols of Hormone Optimization came under the tutelage of Dr. Neal Rouzier, a renowned authority on the subject.

Dr. Nagy created Your Personal Wellness Center in 2010. His mission is to assist patients in receiving the treatments that will allow them to improve their lives beyond what traditional medicine offers. Proper treatment can help one live life as it was meant to be. This type of medical program requires active participation by both parties to bring about the optimal results that are possible.

Dr. Kurt Woeller

4 webinars with Dr. Kurt Woeller on Understanding Hormone Balance with

Adrenal Health

Natural Medicine Now special guest, Dr. Kurt Woeller, explains exactly what the adrenal glands are and how they affect your health. In this webinar, you will learn how to recognize if your adrenals are functioning optimally or if you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Understanding Thyroid Health

Thyroid disorders are prevalent in our culture and are often misunderstood. In this webinar, Dr. Kurt Woeller discusses the function of the thyroid and how to understand lab testing, specific diets and nutrients that affect thyroid function.

Men’s Health

Hormones play a big role in men’s health, affecting your energy level, weight, mood, interest in sex, fertility and much more. In this webinar you will learn about the importance of male hormones, prostate health, lifestyle factors for optimal health and nutrients to optimize male hormone levels optimized.

Women’s Health

Women’s health issues are very unique. Female hormones are most well known because their influence on a woman’s reproductive health, from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause and more. In this webinar you will learn the importance of hormone balance, breast health, osteoporosis prevention and natural solutions for PMS and Menopause.

Ashley Bell, CYT

Ashley Bell is a life-long educator and lover of learning. She has undergraduate degrees in studio art and journalism for print media from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, as well as a master’s degree in art education from Columbia University's Teachers College. Ashley found her voice through the arts and set out to empower others to share their experiences, hopes and dreams through art making and creative writing. She took her first yoga class while enrolled in college in 1994, but was reintroduced to the practice in 2002. It was then that she discovered how yoga could support her mission to bring students a greater sense of validation and liberation.

Ashley completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2003 at Gaea Yoga in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and her prenatal yoga certification from Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, North Carolina in 2004. She also has an additional 200 hours of training from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in New York City. Through over a dozen years of teaching yoga in Charleston, SC, Ashley has contributed to many of the area’s best-loved studios, including Gaea Yoga Center, Blue Turtle Yoga, Charleston Power Yoga and Mission

Yoga. She has been a lead teacher in several 200-hour yoga teacher-training programs and is a professor of Beginning Yoga at the College of Charleston. Ashley also travels in the mid- Atlantic and southeast to teach workshops on yoga asana and mythology.
In late 2016 Ashley will open a space in Charleston where students from all walks of life can gather to explore mobility, stability, and stress-management practices. The studio will provide yoga classes alongside offerings in the arts and other holistic therapies. After 25 years of teaching across populations – from toddlers to the elderly, from the privileged few to the poverty stricken, in urban centers and rural settings – Ashley is actively pursuing ways that this new project can create access for those who are underserved and currently underrepresented in the yoga community.

Ashley has immersed herself in the visual and performing arts since early childhood and has always loved sports and the outdoors. Music plays a big role in her life and in her classes. She loves to travel, especially on the back roads. She is passionate about eating great food and laughing until she cries as often as possible with the people she loves the most. Although Ashley still finds time now and again to create art and write for her blog, she reserves most of her energy outside of teaching yoga for her most important role, as mother to eleven-year-old Pope and six-year-old Wren.

To learn more about Ashley, schedule a session with her, or read some of her musings on yoga and life, visit www.AshleyBellYoga.com.

3 Mind Body Wellness webinars with Certified Yoga Instructor, Ashley Bell

Yoga at Your Desk

In this webinar you will learn a 15-minute desk yoga sequence that will help reduce back pain, improve your posture, decrease stress, and leave you feeling more energized.

Yoga for Neck and Back Pain

Upper back and neck tension are complaints in the work place. With the increasing use of computers, cell phones and time sitting at your desk, it's hard to avoid neck and back aches and pains regardless of how active you are. In this webinar, you will learn yoga stretches to strengthen your neck and back in a gentle and effective way to prevent chronic problems in the future.

Connect with your Breath

This webinar addresses the amazing power of your breath. You will learn breathing techniques that can be done at the office or at home. Understanding these techniques will help you relieve stress and worry, calm your body and quiet your mind.

Carolyn Burson

Carolyn Burson, a certified integrative nutrition health coach, is passionate about fueling bodies with the best nutrition—to feel our best, give us energy, and help our bodies heal and fight off disease.

She began her journey in clean eating in 2008 when she and her family moved to Hong Kong. Forced to eat whole-food, plant-based recipes and abandon the Standard American Diet of processed foods, they saw a surprising improvement in their general health that prompted Carolyn to begin studying natural and nutritional health upon her return to the United States.

She started her studies at Hallelujah Acres, where she became a certified health minister, and also holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation for Nutrition Studies as well as a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas. She received her integrative nutrition health coach certification in 2014 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, sanctioned by the New York State Education Department.

Beyond her own studies, Carolyn also strives to educate others about clean eating, giving them the tools they need to pursue natural health on their own. She works with groups who share this same mission, offering her expertise in healthy, whole-food vegetarian and vegan shopping and cooking. Carolyn taught and directed such programs as the Taste and See director for Totally Fit 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in Charleston, South Carolina, 2013–2015; as a facilitator for Bliss Spiritual Co-op in Charleston, South Carolina, where she taught Florence Crittenton and Healing Farms healthy eating classes; and as a facilitator for the online Wholly Woman Course, based on Wholly Woman, authored by Linda Howard and Melissa Schatz. She currently works with Totally Fit as a Taste and See Teaching Moments writer, a quarterly coordinator of Taste and See classes, and a grocery store tour coordinator. She’s also been a distributor for two years for Juice Plus, inspiring healthy living, and Tower Gardens, teaching aeroponic gardening.


Above all, Carolyn is the proud mother of three boys and two daughters-in-law, the beaming grandmother of three beloved children, and wife to a loving husband who’s supported her on this journey—they’re the inspiration for her drive to pursue and promote clean, healthy living and to whom she hopes to leave a legacy of health and long life.


To contact Carolyn about teaching classes or speaking at your next event, you can e-mail her at carolynburson9@gmail.com.


Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Smoothie Demo –Cooking Video

Many people struggle with their health goals in the kitchen. Tiffany Jackson, ND and Health Coach Carolyn Burson teach you practical kitchen organization ideas, and how to make a healthy smoothie.


Easy Breezy Healthy Recipes –Cooking Video

In this webinar you will learn easy, healthy recipes to prepare for your busy week and on-the-go schedule. Tiffany Jackson, ND and Health Coach Carolyn Burson teach you easy recipes including a Crustless quiche, Mason Jar Oatmeal, Hummus, Nut butters, Sweet Potato Soup, and Almond Butter Nut Bars. This collection of quick and easy recipes is a great resource for healthy, nutrient dense meals in record time.