Cornerstones of EcoHealth
Build a solid foundation for overall wellness by working to achieve the four cornerstones of health: healthy mind; healthy lifestyle; proper diet and correct nutritional balance.

The EcoHealth Approach

This webinar will go over the 3 Pillars of EcoHealth, the six organs of elimination and teach you natural approaches such as Infrared Sauna Therapy, Migun Massage, benefits of drinking ionized water and detox programs to keep your body in balance and prevent disease.

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The importance of a health-promoting lifestyle cannot be overstated! The key components of a healthy lifestyle discussed in this webinar are avoiding smoking, following a regular exercise program, and practicing a good sleep habits. You will learn simple lifestyle choices that will have a profound effect on your health and the quality of your life.

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Healthy Mind

This webinar goes beyond just physical well-being and addresses the importance of a positive mental attitude. The ability to listening to your inner voice and think optimistically are incredibly important to your overall health. This webinar will provide the steps you need to think positive and set healthy attainable goals.

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Nutrition for Disease Prevention
Ever wonder what you should eat during a busy day at the office? The best foods for optimal brain health? We have you covered. From superfoods to equipping your kitchen for healthy eating, our healthy eating and cooking episodes are straightforward and easy to incorporate into daily life.

Top 15 Brain Foods

The brain is an amazingly complex and sophisticated organ. Brain-boosting foods can have a real and lasting impact when it comes to keeping thinking skills sharp and memory intact. In this webinar, you will learn foods that are rich in compounds that nourish your brain, boost neurotransmitter production, reduce inflammation and protect against neural diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Fifteen Superfoods

Every day you are faced with a choice of what foods to use to fuel your body. It is often difficult to choose the right kinds of food during a hectic day but it is important to incorporate Superfoods to benefit your health and keep you going on a busy day. In this webinar, you will learn fifteen Superfoods to incorporate in your diet. You will learn how these Superfoods help prevent chronic diseases, maintain a healthy weight and keep your mind sharp.

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Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. New research is discovering that systemic inflammation and bad fats play a fundamental role in the onset of heart disease. In this webinar, Dr. Chris Nagy teaches you the underlying causes of heart disease and what steps you take to have a healthy heart.

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Mind/Body Wellness
Most of us are tied to our desks all day and do not know how to internally deal with tough situations, making it extremely difficult to start down the path of true wellness. To take control of your health, you need to have a true mind/body connection. Explore desk yoga; meditation; brain/breath connection; and ways to achieve emotional freedom.

Anxiety Solutions

Given this fast-paced stressful world, it seems that the anxiety epidemic grows larger everyday. There are many natural solutions for anxiety. In this webinar, you will learn about the nervous system, neurotransmitter balance and natural approaches for anxiety such as amino-acid supplementation, vitamins and minerals, mind-body techniques and calming teas.

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is the longest existing continuous medical system practiced in the world, with over 3000 years of history. Chinese medicine address imbalances in the body by using acupuncture, herbal remedies, and eating healing foods in season. In this webinar, you will learn how Chinese medicine helps restore the body to balance and works on an energetic level to affect all aspects of a person: mind/body/spirit.

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Yoga at Your Desk

Upper back and neck tension are complaints in the work place. With the increasing use of computers, cell phones and time sitting at your desk, it is hard to avoid neck and back aches and pains regardless of how active you are. In this webinar, you will learn yoga stretches to strengthen your neck and back in a gentle and effective way to prevent chronic problems in the future.

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Hormone Balance
From simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, hormones are the key component. With the ability to understand the major hormones, you will be able to fully unlock your potential to be the person you have always wanted to be! We have webinars that guide and inform you on gender specific responses as well as such topics as thyroid function.

Women's Health

Women’s health issues are very unique. Female hormones are most well known because their influence on women’s reproductive health, from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause and more. In this webinar you will learn the importance of hormone balance, breast health, osteoporosis prevention and natural solutions for PMS and menopause.

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Men's Health

Hormones play a big role in men’s health, affecting your energy level, weight, mood, interest in sex, fertility and much more. In this webinar you will learn about the importance of male hormones, prostate health, lifestyle factors for optimal health and nutrients to optimize male hormone levels.

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Toxins & Hormones

Harmful chemicals are found in a wide range of products including plastic bottles, metal food cans, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. This webinar identifies the top 12 worst hormone disrupters people are commonly exposed to, how they affect your body and tips on how to avoid them.

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The term “toxins” is used- and misused- frequently in popular culture. We’re breaking how to avoid them and the proper way to get rid of them if you have been exposed? We have put together a comprehensive set of webinars that will not only give you straightforward digestible information but show you the path to take to detoxify and live a toxin free life!

Toxins & Detoxification

The term detoxification refers to the elimination of toxins, a process that is crucial to our health because of the damage these toxins do to our liver. In this webinar we will discuss what toxins are and identify specific ones in the body along with natural ways to eliminate these harmful compounds.

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Detox Your Home

Common household and body-care products are increasingly being found to have negative health effects on the body. The average home contains 500 - 1,000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see, smell or taste. While these chemicals may be tolerated individually and in small doses, problems can arise when one is exposed to them in combination or in larger doses. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify items in your home that have negative health effects and tips to create a healthy toxic free home.

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Daily Detox Guidelines

In this webinar, you will learn simple changes and recommendations to implement into your everyday life to keep your body healthy and your detoxification pathways functioning properly.

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