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Cornerstones of Health
The first steps in taking control of your life lie in what we call the four cornerstones of health. Learn how having a healthy mind, a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and correcting nutritional deficiencies build a solid foundation for overall wellness.
Healthy Eating & Cooking Videos
Ever wonder what you should eat while your stuck at the office all day? When you have to travel? The best food for optimal brain health? We have you covered. From superfoods to how to makeover your kitchen, our healthy eating and cooking webinars are straight forward and easy to incorporate into your new life!
Mind/Body and Wellness
The fact that most of us are tied to our desks all day and do not know how to internally deal with tough situations make it extremely hard to start down the path of true wellness. To really take control of your health, you need to have a true mind/body connection. We have webinars that show you how to do yoga at your desk, how to connect with your breath and many more!
Specific Health Topics
Although the web has given us the ability to become more informed on nearly any subject, the ability to find real, quality and truly helpful information about specific health issues results in conflicting or confusing results. We have put together 8 webinars that cover the topics we talk with clients the most. Whether it’s naturally dealing with anxiety or weight loss, we have you covered.
Hormone Balancing
From simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, hormones are the key component. With the ability to understand the major hormones, you will be able to fully unlock your potential to be the person you have always wanted to be! We have webinars that guide and inform you on gender specific responses as well as such topics as thyroid function.
Understanding Detoxification
The term toxins has made its round in all forms of media recently but do you actually know what they are, how to avoid them and the proper way to get rid of them if you have been exposed? We have put together a comprehensive set of webinars that will not only give you straight forward digestible information but show you the path to take to detoxify and live a toxin free life!
“I enjoy all of the health and nutrition videos by Dr. Tiffany Jackson. I don’t have a lot of time to research health and nutrition on my own. Dr. Jackson does all that and more, and brings the latest, cutting edge information via video. I have learned so much from these videos, much more than I would have on my own.”
~Pat Maccariella-Hafey


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