Our goal is to nurture and support you.

We want to understand your individual health goals and help you achieve and exceed them.

Our promise to you is that you are our top priority. We will deliver the highest level of service and treat you as an individual, designing a personalized wellness plan for your needs and desires and arming you with the motivation, support, and education you need to claim your optimal health.


But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients are saying about us.
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Brieann Hauri

"These webinars were very informative and touched on a variety of topics to help improve physical and mental health. They are very short, straight to the point, and easy to digest. These webinars provided me with enlightening material I was not aware of previously, and I hope to continue to apply this new knowledge in my everyday way of life."

Melissa Cannavo

"Natural Medicine Now University has been very enlightening for me! I am applying to Naturopathic Medical School and have been interested in learning more about diet, nutrition, detoxification and how to prevent disease. Watching Dr. Tiffany Jackson's webinars has done just that! Her webinars are easy and simple to understand and I love all of the charts and graphics. I now have a full understanding of how to treat the underlying root of the problem and not the symptoms. I have already began to implement what I have learned and I am even more excited to attend Naturopathic Medical School."

Beth Martilik

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the wellness webinars created by Dr. Tiffany Jackson. She has done a great job covering timely topics related to natural health in a straightforward and informative manner. As one who does not wholly subscribe to the natural lifestyle, I have found many good nuggets of information that I can use to improve my health without going in 100%. There is something for everyone in these webinars."

Pat Maccariella-Hafey

"I enjoy all of the health and nutrition webinars by Dr. Tiffany Jackson. I don’t have a lot of time to research health and nutrition on my own. Dr. Jackson does all that and more, and brings the latest, cutting edge information via video. I have learned so much from these webinars, much more than I would have on my own."