Treat Your Body Right: A Health Promoting Diet

Nutrition Is Key

Our bodies are truly one of the world’s wonders. From creating 300 billion new cells each day to cataloging 50,000 different scents, our bodies are always at work. For all the amazing things our bodies do for us, don’t we owe it to ourselves to nourish them properly? A healthy diet can determine our overall health levels by preventing diseases. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, a healthy diet can be implemented by following a few key rules.
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Eliminate Food Additives, Coloring Agents, and Preservatives

Good nutrition starts at the food label. Chemicals in food have become more and more common recently. Chemicals are used to color foods, enhance flavors, and increase the shelf life of perishables. A good rule of thumb when reading the label is that any words you can’t pronounce are likely food additives. Some chemicals that are found in food are also used in antifreeze like Propylene glycol. The goal of a healthy diet is to minimize or eliminate as many of these chemicals as possible.


Avoid Trans Fatty Acids

Trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils are man made. This means the body does not recognize their makeup and as a result, they get stuck in the body and are harder to burn off. Excessive consumption can lead to heart disease, digestive problems, and weight gain. They, like food chemicals, are best minimized or eliminated from the diet.


Eliminate Refined Sugar

Refined sugar puts stress on the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, they are pervasive in our society as over half the carbohydrates consumed by Americans are comprised of these sugars. These refined sugars can hide out in our foods under names such as glucose or white grape juice concentrate. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all sugar from your diet, so the goal is to minimize the amount of daily refined sugars consumed.


Reduce Pesticide Exposure

Pesticides are all too common on produce today. Over 110 pesticides are used on some produce such as apples. Waxes are also a common tactic used on produce to seal in water. Though the FDA requires each grocery store to put out a sign when waxes are used, many do not. However, you can limit your exposure to pesticides and waxes by shopping at the local farmer’s market or buying organic foods.


Sodium/Potassium Balance

The typical American diet contains an overdose of sodium and a deficit of potassium. This can lead to high blood pressure or trouble maintaining proper fluid levels. These health problems can be avoided by focusing on potassium rich foods such as swiss chard, sweet potatoes, avocados, and pinto beans.



Our bodies are constantly working to keep us alive, even while we sleep. We should treat our bodies with respect by feeding ourselves proper nutrients. Consuming a healthy diet promotes proper organ function and prevents diseases. Following these steps as outlined by Dr. Tiffany Jackson can increase your overall health. Dr. Jackson provides an even more detailed outline for a more comprehensive health approach in her webinar “Understanding a Health Promoting Diet.”


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