Episode 8 – Body Typing with Francesca Pardini

Dr. Tiffany Jackson welcomes the always energetic and inspiring Francesca Pardini of www.BodyTypingSC.com. While there may be “solutions” offered every day for folks looking to address weight, energy, and overall wellness, Francesca Pardini extends an alternative. According to Pardini, “body-types” determine everything from how we handle stress to how and where we pack on the […]


Episode 7 – Benefits of IV Therapy

Dr. Jackson spends more time with the accomplished and revered Dr. Paul Anderson this week as they discuss the wide-ranging benefits of micronutrient IV therapy. As a physician-scientist, Dr. Paul S. Anderson is interested in immunologic, genomic, and metabolic repair; fields that are considered to be at the leading edge of medical inquiry for many […]


Episode 6 – Chelation Therapy with Dr. Paul Anderson

This week, Dr.Tiffany Jackson speaks with Dr. Paul Anderson about the merits of chelation therapy. Paul S. Anderson, N.M.D, is a naturopathic physician, Medical Director & Founder of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates (AMSA). He is a recognized authority in the field of integrative cancer research and the treatment of chronic diseases, genomic conditions, and auto-immune […]


Episode 5 – Stephanie Keenan

This week, Dr. Tiffany Jackson welcomes health, lifestyle, and fitness expert Stephanie Keenan. Getting in shape isn’t always easy, but Stephanie says we can all see results if we’re enjoying what we’re doing! Learn some fitness fundamentals that make fitness fun and improve your chances of success. To learn more, visit Stephanie’s website at www.SKFitLife.com […]


Episode 4 – May Dooley

This week, Dr. Tiffany Jackson speaks with Environmental Health expert May Dooley. This episode contains some really important and mind-blowing information! May explains not only the dangers of mold and how to address mold in the home, but also speaks to the dangers and irritation of electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiaition in the home. […]