VIP Roadmap to Health

One on One Consults

VIP Support

VIP Optimal Health Program Includes:

  • 75-Minute Comprehensive Health Consult with Naturopathic Doctor, Tiffany Jackson covering your health history, symptoms, and goals. Tiffany will offer individualized diet and nutritional recommendations, personalized supplementation, detoxification guidance and comprehensive laboratory testing if needed. (This consult can be done via an in office visit, phone call, Skype or FaceTime)
  • Tiffany will create a personalized 30-Day VIP Roadmap, which outlines a step-by-step plan of what you need to do to get you on track to meet your health goals.
  • Once you begin your VIP Optimal Health Program, you can expect ongoing, unlimited consultations with your EcoHealth Coach. Your coach will be consulting Tiffany to closely monitor your progress and goals, and make necessary refinements to your program along the way.
  • Unlimited email support and consultations with your EcoHealth Coach
  • You will receive continuous cutting-edge natural medicine information by accessing ALL 20 Premium Webinars
  • 15% Discount on supplements and detox programs

What to expect:

  • We will be checking in with you on a regular basis to make sure you are meeting your health goals and improving each week
  • We will be available for as much email support as you need and phone support during the 30-day program.
  • You decide how much you need and the frequency.

VIP Optimal Health Program - $499

$975 Value!
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S. Fahey – Charleston, SC

Unequivocally, consulting with Tiffany was the best health decision I’ve ever made. Her knowledge and appreciation for the body shines through in her detailed, step-by-step plan tailored to address your individual health goals. By learning my past, targeting my nutritional deficiencies, and supporting my body's ecosystem, she gave me the foundation to build upon for the rest of my life.

No matter your situation, I would recommend her to anyone in hopes of hearing similar success stories. The road to a healthier life starts with the first step… Tiffany and her EcoHealth Coaches are waiting with open arms to help you begin your journey! Sláinte!

F. Dixon – Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I consulted with Tiffany Jackson as I was consistently getting sick, always felt tired, bloated and overweight, I was at my wits end! As a professional single women I am always on the go so did not have the best diet but didn't think I was too far off. Tiffany suggested ideas to improve my GI system which improved my energy levels and sequentially allowed me to lose the weight I needed to be healthy again. I lost over 20lbs & feel great. I did a 7-day detox that reset my body & I incorporated all of her diet and supplement recommendations into my daily routine. With a few small and easy changes to my life I feel like a new women. Thank you Tiffany & the team at EcoHealth for your encouragement, supportive & friendly approach to my wellbeing."

Chris C. - California

Eureka! After years of searching I have finally found a Practitioner leading me towards permanent weight loss and optimal health. Tiffany Jackson, ND is easy to talk with, she listens, identifies the issues, than focuses like a laser on the solutions. After my first meeting I walked away with a specific and comprehensive action plan targeted on correcting my issues. Tiffany instantly earned my trust and confidence. The entire staff at EcoHealth is fantastic and responsive.

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